About Us

Dear Sir or Madam

The Magdatom-Car company was founded in Germany in 2007. Our head office enters the Polish market on this occasion we would like to offer you our products.
We mainly sell parts for PREMIUM cars as well as Car Accessories as well as Car lighting and components.

Taking care of our brand, we guarantee that our goods are 100% Original and checked, we do not have any Chinese fakes.

Our prices are very competitive compared to websites of known brands.

Just call the Service of your choice and ask about any article from our store, and you will definitely see that it is the same product at a much lower price.

Goods that are in our store are available immediately and can be ordered or picked up in person near Trzebnica.

We can send individual items by courier (1-2 business days), we are able to deliver larger quantities in person.

When ordering large quantities you will receive additional discounts


  • Original Car Lighting For Vw Audi Bmw Mercedes Porsche Opel Ford
  • Accessories Retrofitting
  • Xenon bulbs D1S,D2S,D3S, D4S
  • Philips and Osram, Al, Valeo, Hella converters
  • Halogen and Led Rear Lamps
  • Halogen, Xenon, Bi-xenon, LED, Laser headlights
  • Turn, Led, AFS, TMS modules
  • Fog Halogens Halogen and LED
  • Halogen Daytime Running Lights
  • Xenon Xenon bulbs from renowned Philips and Osram companies
  • Led Light Bulbs Led Light Bulbs
  • Led turn signals
  • Cables, adapters from ordinary Headlights to Xenon or Bixenon or LED
  • Xenon converters for Xenon, Bixenon, LED and Laser reflectors
  • PDC sensors
  • MMI 3G Navigation Monitors for Navigation
  • Emblems Inscriptions, Stamps
  • Steering Wheels, Gear Shift Knobs
  • Radars ACC Active, Distronic
  • Watches, Counters
  • 360 cameras, front and back
  • Air conditioning, control panels, Stop Start buttons
  • Intercoolers, Coolers, Fans
  • and other parts

Why us ?

Satisfaction Guarantee

All our products are premium class, which translates into high quality

Favorable prices

We provide the lowest prices, which is why our products are competitive


We have appropriate qualifications in the automotive industry.


Monday - Friday 9 a.m. and 5 p.m
Saturday 10 a.m-12 p.m

Lasnamäe linnaosa, Lõõtsa tn 5,
11415 Tallinn